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made this transparent
looks best on light backgrounds


made this transparent

looks best on light backgrounds

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Anonymous asked: I know what the issue is. My best friend died last month from getting hit by a car, and I have barely been able to eat at all since. When I do, I just feel guilty, and then I go run it off. We were inseparable. She was walking home from school because she couldn't use her mom's car that day, and I usually give her rides home. I couldn't that day, so she walked. She got hit and killed that evening. So there you have it; plain and simple.

So you’re attempting to deal with the wrongly placed guilt of your friend’s death. I am so sorry this happened to you, but I can assure you that it was not your fault. Even if you had driven her home, you still could have had a car accident. However, you didn’t. You were not there at the time and that very well could have saved your life.

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k so first day on the 2nd job, i tried a caramel machiatto that i made, and something in it gave me the absolute worst allergic reaction i have ever had. i don’t know what it is that’s in coffee, but i just CAN’T drink it. and i’m pretty sure that it’s not the caffeine because i can drink other caffeinated beverages without all this shit happening. but noooooo, you throw the tiniest bit of coffee in there and i’m having a super migraine with nausea, light/sound/movement sensitivity, super heavy pain behind my eyeballs, shortness of breath, seeing spots (where whole things are disappearing) and the shakes.

so yeah fuck that i’m never drinking coffee again

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Apparently my body is nervous when my brain is not. I’m having a hard time getting down my breakfast this morning.

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Anonymous asked: That was amazing. Thank you.

Of course! If you need anything else, don’t hesitate to ask!

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Anonymous asked: Okay, what's your advice?

Well, it depends on the issue you’re having. If you’re dealing with the act of putting food in your body, you need to boil it down to why you think that is and come to terms with the problem at hand. Coming from a severely eating disordered individual (who’s currently in recovery), my problem was control. My environment was less than ideal and I attempted to use my eating disorder to control my rampant self harm. Trust me, that’s not a road you wanna go down.

If you’re comfortable with it, tell me what kind of issue you’re having and I can better help you deal with it. I will also tag all of these posts with ‘nonny’ and ‘food issues’ until you decide whether or not you’re down with coming off anon.

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